A day of shopping and eating in Nogales, Mexico

What can I say, I love Mexico! As far back as I can remember, my parents took us on numerous trips to learn all about our neighbors to the South. I’m sure that is where my addiction to fresh salsa and guacamole took root.
Yesterday I decided to start June off with a little journey to “the Mall”. I have been used to crossing the border to visit the Dentist, eating at The famous “La Roca Restaurant and shopping at the near-by tourist shops.

This time, as soon as I entered through the revolving gate, I said “yes” to the first “taxi?” I heard. Where you going? “To The Mall” I said as if I do this all the time. It is a $7. ride and depending on traffic, takes about 15 minutes to get there. Wal-Mart is directly across from the Mall. The Mall itself is not that exciting, with lots of empty shops it really doesn’t offer that much.
The Wal-Mart is not as big as the ones we have in the U.S. but they have a huge parking lot underneath to shield shopper’s cars from the blistering summer heat!


I recently started eating Gluten Free, and my friend Marta told me they carried “Cactus Tortillas”! Intrigued, I decided to try some. They are 55%  Nopal cactus and 45% organic corn. They are delicious! I also purchased some GF Mini Toastada Chips. Very tasty.

image  image

By now I was beginning to get hungry so I hailed a cab and had him drop me off back at the border Restaurant “CAFE LEO’S” for (you guessed it) Fresh salsa, guacamole and steaming hot corn tortillas! I was in Heaven 🙂

Finally to end the wonderful journey, I met with a friend who is an expert at helping people find safe, completely furnished apartments for $300.-$400. per month.


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